Justin Roberston

Justin Robertson is something of a polymath, working as a DJ, record producer, radio broadcaster, artist and writer. Having completed a degree in Philosophy at Manchester University, Justin immersed himself in the nascent Acid House scene, where he quickly gained a reputation for his mercurial musical selection & his dynamic approach to DJ-ing has led to play in some of the most seminal clubs in the world.  

Justin also works as a visual artist, showing four major collections of paintings in the last few years in London, Leeds, Manchester and Stockholm. This wealth of experience in the creative world has led him to be an in-demand panelist and interviewee, discussing everything from philosophy, the politics of dancing to the creative process. Justin has taken part in salons at Soho house, in conversation at the Royal exchange in Manchester and a host of discussions around the world. He has also been on the other side of the microphone, interviewing the likes of Irvine Welsh, Markus Gabriel (Professor of Philosophy at the university of Bonn), Rob Newman and Tim Burgess at a number of festivals and has contributed to television documentaries and films, where his incisive insights and thoughtful approach can be valuable additions to any conversation. Justin also finds time to host his popular trip through the esoteric world of psychedelic music; ‘The Temple of Wonders’ on Soho radio and is a regular contributor to the Ransom Note online magazine, where he writes about some contemporary philosophical issues.

His debut novel “The Tangle” is published on White Rabbit Books (Orion) in November of 2021.


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