Kevin Braddock

Kevin Braddock is a journalist and author of “Everything Begins With Asking For Help: An Honest Guide to Depression and Anxiety from Rock Bottom To Recovery” (Kyle Books, 2019), and he speaks on the importance of asking for help and how simple practices can help people recover from mental illness. His personal story of breakdown and recovery was made cover feature of the Observer magazine and in the Mail on Sunday. Previously Kevin has worked as a writer-editor for titles including The Face, GQ, Esquire and the Guardian, and today he leads Torchlight System, a startup offering tools and narratives to help people recover from depression and anxiety.

Kevin has spoken at a wide range of schools, businesses and organisations in the UK and Europe, including Comic Relief, UsTwo, Amazon, Business Of Fashion, the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival, Perugia International Journalism Festival, The Brit School, Minds@Work Movement, Feed Communications (Berlin) and Watershed (Bristol). Kevin’s speaking engagements are interactive, using packs of the Practice Cards he made – playing cards which show simple self-care techniques for daily use – to encourage conversation and open sharing among the audience.

As the social conversation around mental health and illness accelerates, Kevin has emerged as a key figure who tells relatable stories with tried and tested techniques for getting and staying well, beginning with an important central message: ask for help.


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