Suzanne Moore

Suzanne Moore is an award winning columnist and journalist who has written for everything from Marxism Today to The Mail on Sunday . She is currently at The Daily Telegraph.  In 2019 she won the Orwell Prize for political journalism. Sometimes though she yearns for her previous life as a film critic as she believes that politics is so often downstream of culture .

Two books of her collected essays and journalism have been published and she often gives talks and masterclasses on journalism and lectures on everything from feminism to Brexit and beyond…..

She has met and interviewed everyone from Roman Polanski to George Bush to Cosey Fani Tutti to Tony Benn to Marianne Faithfull. The best interviews she feels are they ones where real listening happens, an underrated skill when everyone is always preparing for the the next tweet / one liner.

A good interview is a dialogue not a performance but it should always be entertaining. Too much time with politicians has given her a nose for getting to the nitty gritty.

One of her favourites remains Tony Benn who she was told to meet in a Japanese restaurant. Mr Benn wanted a cup of tea , an egg sandwich and to smoke his pipe before they went on stage…..Suzanne made sure that happened.

She has three children, lives in London and has no hobbies.


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