Justin Robertson’s Art Exhibition opens in London

Not only a DJ, producer and modern day philosopher, Justin Robertson has just opened the third exhibition of his artwork. Continuing his exploration of various philosophical themes, Justin’s latest exhibition challenges the concept of the machine mind and our human desire for escapism through debatable notions of transcendence. It explores what it is to be human, what it is to be a conscious being and to what extent everything is ‘alive’.

The works are rendered using a variety of techniques including pencil drawings, digital, oil painting and photography. Some pieces incorporate all these techniques in a process that leads from the simple to the complex, reflecting the pluralism and variety found in the natural world, where an atom can be studied on its own, but can only be truly understood as part of the whole.

‘It’s Alive’ is at the Book Club London APRIL 26TH – JULY 8TH. All pieces are for Sale.

Contact russell@justinrobertson.co.uk for details.

Photographs by jameslangephotography.com