Black Door Podcast #1 – An Interview with film director Debbie Shuter.

Black Door Podcast #1 – An Interview with film director Debbie Shuter.

Our first Black Door Podcast features an interview with film director Debbie Shuter about her 1991 debut documentary film “Beigels Already”.   Whilst looking for some isolation inspiration during the early stages of lockdown we came across her 10 minute film and loved it’s affectionate depiction of a London institution which is not only close to our hearts, but close to our office…So we decided to track Debbie down and find out more about how and why the short film came into being.

Debbie Shuter

Our interviewer of choice was Tony Higgins; a fellow culture vulture who worked on the landmark BBC documentaries Jazz Britannia, Seven Ages of Rock and British Style Genius. Like us, he was fascinated to see how much that part of London has changed in the last 30 years and the oft hilarious interviews with the diverse clientele of beigel shop patrons; from East End cabbies and local “characters” to a motley crue of late night drunken revellers and the painter/novelist Molly Parkin. 

“Beigels Already” was first aired on the BBC’s 10×10 series back in 1992 and since then Debbie has produced and/or directed “Street Dance Family”, “The Veteran” & “Dirty Money” amongst others.   For more info on Debbie Shuter’s work, go to and you can watch “Beigels Already” by clicking below.

Brick Lane Beigel Shop