Lulu Levan DJs at legendary Pikes Hotel, Ibiza

Lulu Levan will be warming up for Honey Dijon this coming Monday (18th June) at Ibiza’s legendary Pikes Hotel.  Famous for being the location of Wham’s Club Tropicana video and the rock & roll hangout of Freddy Mercury, Grace Jones and so many more, there is no better place to host Honey’s “Deputy of Love Disco Tour”.

Classic Music’s Luke Solomon will also be appearing that night and assisting in delivering the ethos of Honey’s summer residency ““The concept for Deputy of Love Disco Tour is to bring colour, vibrancy, theatricality, queerness, inclusion, and  a sexually charged energy and environment back to club culture. To harken back to the days of NYC between 1978-1983, not in a nostalgic way, but as an inspiration of when art, music, video, and performance all coexisted to create a creative community.   To have a safe space for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression, age, or race to come together to celebrate music, each other, and themselves. Pikes seemed like the perfect place to start this journey”

Lulu’s unique musical style and love of disco can be heard on her many mixes up on Mixcloud. Please follow her for news of upcoming gigs and mixes.