Optimo’s J.D Twitch’s Top Five Books of all time.

Optimo’s J.D Twitch’s Top Five Books of all time.

Optimo J.D Twitch

On the fourth day of Christmas we give to you…..the Top Five Books of all time from J.D Twitch.  If you’re a fan of the the DJ duo Optimo and the label Optimo Music (run by the man himself) it stands to reason you may have some similar tastes when it comes to reading material.   It’s an eclectic selection, covering a cultural investigation into the formation of the Orwellian masterpiece “1984”, classic espionage, Scottish history and a couple of science fiction novels.

Dorian Lynskey – The Ministry Of Truth

Ursula K. Le Guin – The Dispossessed

Tom Devine – The Scottish Clearances

Octavia E Butler – Kindred

John le Carré – Agent Running in the Field

In order to celebrate the end of a jam packed decade, Optimo will host their annual Hogmanay party in Glasgow but this year they will be be donating 100% of all profits to local organisations; Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, Positive Housing In Action and Drumchapel Foodbank.  Join them at at Room 2 from 22:30 to see in the new year together.